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For centuries people of Africa have turned to the baobab tree as a source of natural wellbeing, to benefit their skin, hair and general health. Baobab helps to bring out natural beauty. Baobab has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C, increases energy level, decreases stress, and supports immune system. No wonder we call it The Feel Good Fruit!

African Baobab Ritual
£60.00 70 minutes
A sublime relaxing ritual that uses unique ingredients produced from the African Baobab tree, exotic in nature and rich in nutrients. This is a nourishing, soothing and hydrating experience combining full body exfoliation and relaxing body massage, scalp therapy and an energising leg therapy. Suitable for pregnant clients too and is great to prevent stretch marks and tone the skin!

African Baobab Body Exfoliation 
£30.00 Full Body / £15.00 Back or Legs
Starting with a warming Pinda Ritual to relax you. Dead skin cells are buffed away with this nourishing scrub rich fatty acids Baobab oil and vitamins to hydrate, tone and smooth the skin. Great as an add on to any treatment.
Love your Legs
£25.00 25 minutes 
Simply the perfect treatment when the weather is warm, and you have that tired, heavy legs feeling! This treatment provides a stimulating exfoliation to the legs before you enjoy a deeply relaxing leg massage using Phytocare Tonic Oil to tone the skin. Finally, following an application of “Dreamy Legs” to make your legs feel cool, refreshed and incredibly “light”! Great after exercise, flying or pregnancy.

Revive Signature Ritual
£60.00  60 minutes
A treat for the back, face and scalp. The ritual starts with warm pinda pressures all over the body, followed by an African Baobab Scrub to the back. Tension is soothed away with an aromatic back massage using a personalised oil to suit your needs.  As you continue to relax, you are treated to Vitamin C Booster Facial together with a hydrating scalp massage using GDC Organic Hair Oil of Baobab Seeds.
Please read the aftercare advice on the website. READ HERE


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